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All About The Husband Of Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette is a musician whose hit songs include “You Oughta Know” and “Thank U.” Her spouse is fellow musician Souleye. Prior to her marriage, she was romantically linked to Ryan Reynolds and Full House alum Dave Coulier.

On March 26, 2023, she performed at a benefit for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Alanis Morissette, 48 years old, is a multi-award-winning singer and pop culture star.

In addition to releasing the cult classic album Jagged Little Pill in 1995, she went on to record eight more albums. In 2005, the brunette beauty also appeared on the popular television series Weeds.

Alanis is frequently observed with her husband, Souleye (born Mario Treadway), and their three children, Winter, 3, Ever, 10, and Onyx, 6. Here is information on their marriage and her previous relationships.

Alanis and Souleye’s Wedding

After a string of high-profile relationships with other A-list celebrities, the 48-year-old music singer married Souleye in 2010. According to Today, the couple held their “intimate ceremony” in Alanis’ home in Los Angeles on May 22 of that year.

In May 2022, the couple celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary, which the singer documented on Instagram. I enjoy shapeshifting through life with you @souleye these last twelve years have been dreams realized and bootstraps up and a soft place to land,” she captioned the slideshow of throwback photographs.

As previously said, Souleye and his wife have subsequently welcomed three children together, and she frequently updates on social media about their wonderful family.

Alanis released another set of family images on Father’s Day 2022 to honor the occasion for the delighted father. “happy father’s day @souleye so much love for you on so many levels… “We also won the sweepstakes in the father department,” she joked in the caption.

In May 2015, the brunette beauty spoke to US Weekly about her nuptials. “We are assisting each other,” she stated at the time. “I believe relationships progress from infatuation to power conflict, and finally the majority of couples separate.

As we enter the third phase of helping each other recover and grow, I believe it’s getting juicier. She also raved about what he does to make her feel physically attracted to him.

“Flirting is pleasant. Dates, presents, and compliments,” she disclosed. “Whenever he says something emotional about me, such as ‘Wow. You are incredibly nurturing or incredibly patient.’ That’s sexy time for me.”

Relationship With Ryan Reynolds

Before settling down with Alanis, Souleye dated Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, 46, from 2002 to 2007, according to Pop Sugar. Not only did Blake Lively’s husband date Alanis, he almost wed her as well!

In 2004, approximately eight years before he married the Gossip Girl alumna, the exes became engaged. As previously reported by PEOPLE, Alanis and the Free Guy actor called it quits following a three-year engagement.

Their respective representatives told the outlet at the time, “Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette have mutually chosen to discontinue their engagement.” “They continue to be close friends with the deepest love and respect for one another.

Alanis later used their breakup as inspiration for her 2008 album Flavors of Entanglement track “Torch,” according to Pop Sugar. From 2008 to 2011, Ryan was married to Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson.

Alanis and former ‘Full House’ star Dave Coulier

When she dated 63-year-old Full House actor Dave Coulier, Alanis’s romantic history took an intriguing turn. At the start of their relationship, she was 18 years old and he was 33.

The former couple dated from 1992 to 1994, which is notable because it was one year prior to the publication of her smash album Jagged Little Pill.

Years after the publication of her blockbuster single “You Oughta Know,” Dave appeared on the Jim Norton & Sam Roberts radio show in July 2022 and stated that he believed the song was about him, according to Deadline.

Despite this, Alanis has not yet disclosed the song’s subject. While driving, the now 63-year-old heard the song but initially could not recognize the singer’s voice. Well, this is a pretty nice hook, he exclaimed.

“Then I begin to hear the voice. Whoa, this chick can sing! Gosh, I could never be this man! He continued, “There was a lot of recognizable material in there that we had discussed.

Since [in ‘Right Through You’] it says, ‘your shake is like a fish,’ I’d say, ‘Hey, dead fish me,’ and we’d perform this dead fish handshake. And that was my initial impression as I began to listen to the recording: “Oh, I believe I may have seriously harmed this woman.”

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