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All About Plastique Tiara, Including His Parents And Boyfriend

Plastique Tiara

Plastique Tiara is a drag queen who competed in RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11. He finished eighth and was the youngest contestant on the show. Before the commencement of the series, Tiara was the most well-liked participant on social media. His participation increased his popularity, and today he has 2.9 million followers on TikTok and 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

The advancement of Tiara’s singing career and modeling are his current priorities. In this essay, Plastique’s family, relationships, job, and identity will all be discussed.

Where was Plastique Tiara born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family

Plastique Duc Tran, better known as Tiara, was born and reared in Vietnam. His conservative upbringing kept him apart from the LGBTQ+ community.

Tiara admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that before coming to America, he had no idea what being gay was. Tiara’s family relocated to Dallas, and he started experimenting with drag.

Tiara emotionally explained in a RuPaul’s Drag Race show that his family had a difficult time embracing his new hobby.

But over time, his parents and extended family started to accept him more. He said to MTV:

“I suppose you could say they are putting up with it, but they still don’t accept it. I don’t mind that at the moment. They’ve developed significantly since the time I started drag. They didn’t grasp the notion, so they assumed I was sort of prostituting myself in the club. I believe it is now more bearable. Oh, okay, they just see it as a job for me, I think.

Tiara’s family would not accept him for who he was, but other drag queens adopted him and showered him with affection. He expresses his gratitude to Alyssa Edwards, his drag mother. Tiara learned from Alyssa how to be a successful drag queen, and she inspired him to compete in RuPaul’s Drag Race. Washington Blade was told by Tiara:

“I’m incredibly grateful to have Alyssa in my life. Even when I was a baby queen, she was always there for me. She never failed to remind me of my star status. You’re a star, she says whenever I see her. You must be aware of that. She always advised me to have fun as I participated in “Drag Race.”

Tim Kim, a licensed hairdresser, and Plastique were dating. Tim and Plastique were openly dating, but they no longer regularly post on social media. Although Plastique hasn’t officially announced a split, we believe the couple is no longer together.

Social media was how Tiara discovered how to perform as a drag queen

Plastique identifies as a member of the new wave of drag artists who learned their trade online. Drag queens used to have to pick up their craft from more experienced queens in clubs. The social internet now has everything a drag queen could ever need. According to Tiara to The Hollywood Reporter:

“Back then, you had to go through the system if you wanted to see a drag queen or a queen apply their makeup. To see where the magic happened, you had to go to the club, watch them perform, and somehow gain access backstage. Right now, social media is full of magic.

One of the most well-liked queens on social media is Tiara. Although he acknowledges that internet fame has aided his work, it has also brought him a lot of criticism. Tiara describes social media as a two-edged sword that, if used carelessly, may be harmful to you. He stated:

Everyone has a platform out of nothing, which is a good thing. You can expand your audience and connect with others who want to emulate you or learn something from you. With all the negative feedback, I sometimes think it can be overwhelming, but you have to just let the good outweigh the bad.

He is at ease with who he is both in and out of drag

Tiara was drawn to drag in part because of its capacity to assume a different identity. He had the power to create the person he wanted. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “You get to construct this whole new face, a whole new identity, and you can do whatever you want. Although Tiara felt at ease in his drag persona, he eventually realized that he also wanted to accept his personality outside of drag. He went on:

“However, Plastique helped Duc grow more self-assured because Duc doesn’t get any affection when I put much too much work into Plastique. As a result, I discovered how to balance everything out and love myself more when I’m not in drag.

The admiration Plastique has for himself both in and out of drag is evident on his social media profiles. Tiara refers to himself as a “biological woman” while dressed like one. He acknowledges that he is not a woman biologically, but he understands that a big part of drag is being the person you want to be. He stated:

“You are free to be whoever you choose. What characteristics distinguish a biological woman from a biological man? Nobody can dispute you if you define yourself in a certain way.

Tiara was encouraged to try music by his passion for stage performances

Following his dismissal from Drag Race, Tiara archived his Instagram posts and appeared to vanish from social media. When it was discovered that he had archived his images in advance of the release of his debut song, Irresistible, his devoted fan following let out a collective sigh of relief.

Although he lacked formal voice training, Tiara admitted to Paper Magazine that his passion for stage presence led him to give music a shot. He stated:

“Even though my voice isn’t the best, I just want to achieve something in the music industry, I was like. I suppose it runs in my family. I adore performing. Even if I sound like a chipmunk on steroids, I was thinking, “I just want to do something.”

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