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All About Kenn And Forest Whitaker : Are They Twins?

Forest Whitaker

Kenn Whitaker is an American actor who has been in films including “Last Days” and “Most Wanted.” He is most known as the brother of Forest Whitaker, who received an Oscar for his portrayal in “The Last King of Scotland” in 2006.

Due to their similar appearances, numerous people frequently confuse Kenn and Forest. They have walked the red carpet countless times together and are frequently spotted together.

According to iHeart Radio, their similar appearances recently prompted a social media frenzy when fans recognized Kenn, who they had previously misidentified as Forest. Fans are therefore perplexed as to why the two appear so identical.

Kenn and Forest, are they really identical twins?

That is not the situation. Forest and Kenn Whitaker are brothers, although they are not identical twins despite their resemblance. Kenn is two years younger than his older brother Forest, making him his younger sibling.

Kenn has appeared in a number of his films, including “Last Days,” “The Theory of Leisure Class,” and “Life.” In the film “Life,” he was often confused for Forest.

This reveals how remarkably similar the two brothers look. Additionally, he has appeared on numerous television programs, including “Party of Five” and “Tracey Takes On.”

While Kenn’s career has been less sensational than that of his older brother, his acting has been equally impressive. Numerous reviewers praised his performance. In the 1999 film “Life,” he also acted opposite Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.

Where currently is Kenn Whitaker?

Just like his older brother Forest, Kenn was born and reared in Longview, Texas. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, and he has lived there ever since. In the film “Most Wanted,” in which he portrayed a bus guard, he obtained his first significant role.

Kenn is similarly guarded about his personal life, as is Forest. Since 2001, he has not appeared in a film, and he has vanished from social media as if he had evaporated into thin air.

Nonetheless, let us hope that he will soon discuss his life in the media following his previous appearance.


Damon Whitaker, a brother, and Deborah Whitaker, a sister, are the two further members of the Whitaker family. It may surprise you to find that Matt Damon is also an actor. You may have seen him alongside Forest in films such as “First Daughter” and “Bird.”

The Whitakers have established themselves as a formidable force in the film industry. As seen by their outstanding performances, the three brothers were born to be performers.

The three Whitaker brothers have not yet performed together, and Kenn has been mainly missing from the scene for quite some time, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that they will soon.

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