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Kashe Quest from Los Angeles, California, The newest and youngest member of Mensa International, an exclusive group of the brightest people in the world, is 2-year-old. One must pass a Mensa test with a minimum score of 132 to join Mensa. Her parents claim Kashe received a 146.

Quest can recognize States based on their structure, speak Spanish, and recognize elements on the periodic table. During his appearance on Good Day LA, Kashe recognized the state of Mississippi and the element phosphorus from flashcards. According to Trevor Mitchell, executive director of American Mensa, “We are happy to have her and to be able to support her and her parents with the specific issues that talented youngsters experience.”

Kashe Quest’s parents were able to confirm that their child had a high level of intelligence

Devon Quest and Sukhjit Athwal welcomed Kashe Quest into the world in 2019. Devon is an African American, whereas Athwal is of Indian descent. Devon graduated with honors from the UCLA School of Law. Quest’s parents told CNN that when she said her first words, her talents quickly advanced. They thought Kashe might be older than she appeared, so they asked her pediatrician for help.

At Kashe’s 18-month check-up, Sukhjit said, “I had let her know where (Kashe) was on her numbers, shapes, and colors and wanted her view on all of it. She thought it was great… it was something worth looking into. Her pediatrician had also mentioned it.”

The pediatrician advised them to see a psychologist, who conducted a Mensa exam to validate Kashe’s extraordinarily high IQ.

Devon and Athwal acknowledge that raising Kashe is a tremendous responsibility

She’ll declare, “I want to do elements,” or “I want to do states,” when she wakes up on a Saturday. We’re just here to support her whenever she’s leaning into it, Devon told REVOLT. According to Sukhjit, “We wanted to make sure we did our bit to make it happen for her.”

Although Kashe is not your typical nearly three-year-old, her parents still want her to have a typical childhood. Despite her above-average IQ, she nevertheless has a childlike spirit. Sukhjit, a certified educator, founded a preschool called Modern Schoolhouse to make sure she gets to experience childhood alongside other children.

She should interact with kids her age and not feel pressured to act or be older than she needs to be, according to Athwal, who spoke to CNN. “She’s still two at heart,” Athwal said.

The family’s communication has improved thanks to Quest

Every time Kashe becomes irritated while working on a chore, her parents comfort her with encouraging comments. Quest responds by expressing its appreciation by encouraging you. “She’ll come over and tell you, Dad, I’m so proud of you,” if she sees me attempting to open a jar of pickles. Devon discussed Kashe’s emotional intelligence with CNN.

The way Quest’s parents interact with her is the same as how they would with a kid of similar IQ. But because she will hold them responsible for what they say, they have learned to be honest with her. Quest’s parents have improved their communication skills with Quest and each other as a result. As Sukhjit clarified:

It has taught us to be patient while speaking with her, and we are now extremely careful about the words we choose and the way we explain things. We have learned how to communicate with each other and as a family more effectively because we all need to be on the same page.

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