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All About Jeff Goldblum – Husband Of Patricia Gaul

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is the stage and screen name of American actor and musician Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum. He was born on October 22, 1952, in Pennsylvania, United States.

The 69-year-old actor has contributed to several blockbuster films, including Jurassic Park, Independence Day, and Thor: Ragnarok. Then there is the television series Will & Grace, in which Jeff has appeared countless times.

In addition to his professional success, Jeff’s romantic life has generated headlines. Two marriages resulted in the actor’s divorce. Patricia Gaul was his initial spouse. After barely a few years of marriage, they divorced since their union could not withstand the test of time. Thus, let’s discover more about Patricia Gaul, Jeff Goldblum’s ex-wife, in today’s article.

Patricia is an actor and a director

Patricia Gaul, formerly known as Patti Gaul, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 31, 1945. Unfortunately, nothing is known about Patricia’s childhood.

However, she seems to have enjoyed a joyful and carefree upbringing. Patricia has extensive experience as an actor, director, and producer. She has appeared in various Hollywood films, including Road Trip and Silverado.

When she debuted in her first film part in the early 1970s, her acting career began. In 1973, she made her IMDb debut with a part in Blood. She has appeared in 46 films and television episodes in total.

In addition to her film work, Patricia’s television roles include Caroline in the City, Renegade, and Vanishing Son. Also, Patti has produced and directed two films, proving her extensive skills.

Nevertheless, she has been on hiatus from acting since 2013. She made her final contribution to the acting industry with her portrayal of an inmate in the television series “The Doctor Blake Mysteries.”

Collaboration With Jeff

She has collaborated with her ex-husband, Patricia Gaul, on various films. In Lawrence Kasdan’s famous picture The Big Chill, Patti, and Jeff first collaborated. The audience loved their performance and camaraderie onstage.

Unfortunately, this was not their only on-screen appearance together. In Lawrence’s other picture, Silverado, Jeff, and his ex-wife Patricia Gaul appeared.

In addition, the ex-couple appeared in the film Into the Night by John Landis. Even though Patricia and Jeff dissolved their brief marriage, their admirers continue to adore and respect their works.

The ex-wife of Jeff Goldblum leads a low-key existence

Patricia Gaul, the ex-wife of Jeff Goldblum, looks to be a very private woman. She married Jeff Goldblum on July 4, 1980, despite spending the majority of her life out of the spotlight.

According to IMDb, she and her ex-husband divorced in 1985, while Google indicates that they remained together until 1986. Also, there were no children for the couple to nurture. Yet, after her divorce from Jeff, Patricia has avoided the public eye.

Patti, on the other hand, has not been seen in public since her final film appearance. Moreover, she is not a member of any famous social media network. Once Patricia and her ex-husband Jeff split, she carefully concealed her romantic relationships.

He had two children with Emilie Livingston: Charlie Ocean Goldblum and River Joe Goldblum. Jeff wed Geena Davis first, followed by Emilie. Yet Patti’s love life remains a complete secret.

It is unknown whether the actress has remarried or is pleased with her single status. Nonetheless, our hopes and prayers are with Jeff Goldblum’s ex-wife, for whom we want the best.

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