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All About Jacob Bertrand Personal And Relationship Life

Jacob Bertrand

Jacob Bertrand, in contrast to his well-known role as the fiery Hawk in the Netflix blockbuster Cobra Kai, is currently operating his own show in the entertainment sector. Currently, the actor resides in Los Angeles.

During his spare time, he enjoys directing short films, hiking, surfing, rock climbing, playing the guitar, skating, and working in a woodshop. Bertrand and Serena Pullen have been in a serious relationship for nearly four years.

The Outstanding Profession of Jacob Bertrand

Bertrand’s first significant role was as Henry in the hit Nickelodeon sitcom Marvin Marvin. Before gaining a spot at Disney, Bertrand began his career with Nickelodeon productions. Gil was voiced by him in the third season of the animated series Bubble Guppies.

He voiced Kirby in the Disney XD series Kirby Buckets. In 2017, Bertrand was cast in Cobra Kai, the sequel to the 1980s blockbuster franchise Karate Kid.

Prior to its premiere on Netflix, the series was available on YouTube Premium. Not only is the role he played a fan favorite, but he was also born with a cleft lip. Thus, he discovered Smile Train.

“While portraying a cleft-affected character on television, I had no idea how physically and mentally devastating a cleft can be,” he recalls.

Smile Train provides financing, training, and resources to local medical professionals in order to perform free cleft lip and palate surgery for children around the globe.

Jacob’s Interest in Short Films

The 21-year-old actor conceived the concept for a short film while in high school. But he never had the opportunity until one of the greatest stunt coordinators, Hero Koda, gave him the go-light. Bertrand intends to produce other short films for his audience in the future.

Jacob and Serena Pullen’s Thriving Relationship

When he was only 21 years old, Jacob Bertrand played multiple roles and established himself as a notable actor due to his endearing appearance. Similar to the roles he portrayed on TV, his Twitter page and Instagram handle reveals his gregarious and carefree attitude.

Jacob was fortunate to meet the love of his life at a young age in real life. Although the actor refers to Serena Pullen as his “best friend,” she was also his prom date in high school. The pair has been in a nice relationship for several years.

In spite of the fact that he depicted Hawk as a hothead, his genuine nature is quite the contrary! In actuality, he is a serene person who traces his tranquility to his love.

He claims to be in a stable relationship, which allows him to concentrate on his industry-related duties. He continued by stating that Serena made him a better person in real life. Their mutual affection and care are evident on their social media profiles.

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