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All About Edwin Hodge’s Secret Love Life And Net Worth

Edwin Hodge

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been a fan of Edwin Hodge’s smile since we saw him portraying and nailing the character of Dante Bishop on ‘The Purge.’ The sole actor to appear in the original film and its two sequels is the American actor.

He presently plays Dr. Malcolm A. Kingsley in ‘Good Sam,’ where he is the major cast member. After discussing his work life (which we will return to later), we must now go on to his personal life, as inquiries concerning his wife and dating life appear to be of interest to netizens and his followers.

How Much Is Edwin Hodge Worth?

While he has worked on various projects over the past two decades, the ‘The Purge’ franchise is likely to have contributed the most to his net worth.

He was originally seen in the original film in 2013, then again in 2014 in ‘The Purge: Anarchy,’ and then again in 2016 in the sequel to the original film in the role of original Fante Bishop.

The film was ‘The Purge: Election Year,’ and he was adored and admired by the audience. He can now be seen as the main character in the American medical drama ‘Good Sam.’

Hodge has been in the industry since the mid-1990s and has never taken a vacation.

So, how much has it so far rewarded him?

His work has been quite profitable, and as a result, he currently has a net worth of $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. To begin with, Edwin was born on January 26, 1985, to his father, Aldis Basil Hodge, and his mother, Yolette Evangeline Richardson.

The American actor grew up with an older brother, Aldis Hodge, and a younger sister, Briana Hodge. He and his brother have also shared the screen and are close.

The two have been collaborating on a film, and he recently published a post about their latest endeavor. So, everything is OK in the life of the ‘Good Sam’ actor, and with the effort, he radiates on-screen, he is bound to reach new heights of success in the coming days.

Edwin Hodge, Is He Married?

Many of you may have assumed that this charming actor does not have a wife, and you would be correct. Edwin Hodge is not married and has never been married. But wait a minute!

Edwin has always kept top-notch discretion when it comes to his love life, and he has maintained his attitude of not sharing anything about his personal life, therefore off doesn’t know much about his dating life.

So, while we are unaware of his personal life or if he has a partner, we do not believe he is dating anyone. He did upload a picture with a lady in 2012 and referred to her as one of the “coolest, most beautiful, and brilliant” girls he knows, leading many to believe she was his wife.

But, then again, we can’t say much because we haven’t seen the lady in his life in a long time. However, we can affirm that Edwin does not have a wife or children.

That could be because he has been preoccupied with his career for most of his life. The 37-year-old actor has appeared in several TV shows and films, putting him in a strong position professionally and giving him a lot to look forward to.

Furthermore, an actor’s success in Hollywood comes with a lot of riches, and we believe Edwin is no exception. Given the quantity of work he has done since beginning his career in 1995, he must have a sizable net worth.

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