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Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino is arguably the harshest opponent of Joe Biden, the incumbent president of the United States. Here is a tweet Bongino sent in the middle of September 2021 to give you an idea of how he felt about President Biden: On September 16, 2021, Joe Biden was declared to be the worst president in American history.

The former secret service agent admitted to using the “owning the libs” strategy, which some conservatives use to stir up strong feelings among liberals. Dan’s upbringing has a big influence on who he is. This essay will examine his upbringing and his cohabitation with Paula Andrea.

Where was Dan Bongino born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

On December 4, 1974, Bongino was born in Queens, New York. Dan’s mother wed a 6’5″, 300-pound heavyweight boxer after his parents divorced, who was violent toward Dan and his younger brother Joe. Child Services frequently visited them, but they didn’t do much to assist Dan and Joe.

Dan moved out of their mother’s house with his younger brother when he was 15 years old. Their biological father contributed to the cost of their home and education.

Because of how much Bongino’s abusive stepfather dreaded the police, he decided to join the force. In an interview with the Naples Daily News, Bongino described one interaction his stepfather had with a female police officer.

“I’ll never forget this: This tall Italian guy with a mustache and this petite female cop, who is about 5’1,” arrive up, and the female cop simply instructs the tall Italian man to leave. I can still hear myself saying, “I have to do this job.” This is the most awesome job there is. You get to change people’s lives just like that.’ And for that reason, I joined the police.

Is Dan Bongino Married? Relationship

Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino With His Wife      [Source: CelebSuburb]
A blind date set up by their friends brought Dan and his wife Paula together at Sullivan’s in New York. For Bongino, falling in love with Paula’s beauty was an instantaneous experience. The 9/11 attacks took place two weeks after the couple’s first date, and Dan became anxious when he couldn’t reach Paula at work. Fortunately, Paula was visiting her mother in Nevada at the time of the incident.

Dan decided to propose as the couple’s connection grew. Paula stated to Severna Park Voice that she was not surprised by Dan’s proposal at the eatery where they had their first date:

“I was moved to tears as I said, “Yes. Even though I knew something wasn’t right when he picked me up from the train station that day. Although he worked for the Secret Service, I could always read him like a book.

Dan acknowledges that although Bongino and Laura enjoy a long and happy marriage, things haven’t always been simple. “My family had disintegrated. Dan admitted to the Naples Daily News that his marriage had been difficult. “Listen, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally responding, “You know, it’s tough,” when others ask how your marriage is doing. Marriage is hard work.’”

He was motivated to leave the Secret Service and enter politics by the birth of his children.

After the birth of his first kid, Isabel, in 2004, Dan began to daydream about becoming a politician. Before celebrating his 11th year as a Secret Service agent, Bongino left the White House to enter politics a month earlier. Dan’s wife revealed to him that she was expecting Amelia, the couple’s second child, on the same day.

The Birth of his kids inspired him to leave the Secret Service and join politics

“The writing is on the wall, and I have devoted my entire life to studying macroeconomics. If we don’t deliver in November, a whole generation will be left carrying the bag.

Since he entered politics, Dan has lost three elections, but he believes his fortune will soon turn. He thrived in the high-pressure White House environment, and he believes his experience as a Secret Service agent will come good in the political world. In his words to Stuart Magazine:

“Formalities soon disappear when you’re in your 20s and briefing senior White House officials on foreign threats. You learn to speak in bullet points. You learn not to spin people’s wheels, or you will get shut down.”

Dan Bongino and his family moved to Florida to bring his wife closer to her mom

Contrary to popular belief, Dan didn’t move to Florida for political reasons. Instead, he moved so that his wife could live closer to her mom. Dan told Naples Daily News that he had no intention of running for congressional office until the opportunity suddenly popped up. He said:

“I wasn’t interested in running at all. I have a great life, I enjoy it. Life is good to me. My book sold well. Everything was going terrific. But, this seat opened up unexpectedly.”

Dan and his family enjoy life in Florida – the weather is great, the food is great, and Dan enjoys the political climate. The only downside is that the restaurants close earlier than what Dan and Paula were used to in New York. Dan told Stuart Magazine:

“The only downside to Martin County is we have a very long, committed marriage and we have a date night. We go to the local restaurants and they close so early. We’re New Yorkers. You can get a good sandwich, you can get a good pizza. I love the weather – I’m a hot-weather guy. And I like that it’s conservative here because I’m a conservative guy.”

Dan Bongino beat cancer following his throat cancer diagnosis in October 2020

In late September 2020, Dan Bongino announced that doctors had found a seven-centimeter tumor in his throat. Further screening revealed that he needed surgery, but doctors were hopeful that whatever he had was treatable.

Via a later update, Dan stated that the surgery removed the entire tumor, but he probably had lymphoma. As he’d predicted, doctors delivered a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Dan swiftly started treatment, and in July 2021, he announced that he was cancer-free. However, he stated that the treatment was nothing if not difficult.

He stated that the diagnosis shocked him as he doesn’t smoke or do drugs, and he only drinks a little. He’d also maintained peak fitness before the diagnosis. After doctors confirmed the worst, Bongino broke down sobbing on a plane, thinking he had limited time left to spend with his family.

The worst part about chemo for Bongino was the insistent hiccups, which denied him quality rest on many nights. He told SurvivorNet:

“I would get choked up because I could not go to sleep because of these damn chemo hiccups. My wife – I was like a child – she would be patting my back like she was burping a child and we would be up to two or three in the morning. She would be like, ‘I can’t watch you go through this.’”

Dan religiously recorded his morning show even when he was feeling worse for wear. During his treatment, he’d seen people with weeks to live, making him understand that though he was sick, he was in far better condition than many others. He continued:

“When you think, ‘Nobody has it worse than me,’ I promise you, I can probably go find 1,000 people who have it worse than you. Self-pity? That’s all bullshit. Seriously. Toughen up. I’m not lecturing anyone else, I’m telling you how I get through it.”

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