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Alice Zenobia Richmond’s Parents Have Been Married For Two Decades

Alice Zenobia Richmond’s

A well-known kid artist in the US is Alice Zenobia Richmond. Alice is well-known for being the older daughter of actors Jeff Richmond and Tina Fey in addition to her professional roles.

In spite of being referred to as a star youngster, Alice has already worked on a few projects and established a name for herself.

The older daughter of Jeff and Tina is currently in adolescence. Many of her admirers are therefore interested to learn whether Alice has already begun dating. She hasn’t yet made her marital status public, though. Her parents are also reticent to talk about their kids in the media.

Biography of Alice Zenobia Richmond

Her parents, Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond, welcomed Alice Zenobia Richmond into the world on September 10, 2005. The first kid of the SNL actors was born at the time, and it was claimed that the baby girl was 5 lbs. and 7 oz. in weight. Alice’s father was 44 and her mother 35 at the time of her birth.

Zenobia “Jeanne” Xenakes, Zenobia’s maternal grandmother, inspired the name Alice. Her paternal grandfather is Donald Fey. Similarly, Alice’s paternal grandparents are Wayne and Blanche Richmond.

In April of that year, Jeff, the host of SNL, announced the birth of her first kid. She presented on the show up until the May 21 season finale while being pregnant with Alice.

America’s Alice is a citizen. Family members on her mother’s side are English, German, Irish, and Scottish.

More than five years after Alice was born, her parents gave her a great present. And it’s her younger sister Penelope Athena Richmond who is speaking. On August 10, 2011, Penelope was born.

The nine-year-old youngster is already well-known in the acting community. In the 2015 television series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, she made her acting debut. In 2021, Penelope appeared in the musical Girls5eva.

Actor Alice Zenobia Richmond’s Works

When Richmond was around seven years old, she landed her very first acting role. She played Liz, a young girl of seven years old, in the 2012 film 30 Rock. Nearly eight years later, in a TV special called A One-Time Special, Alice appeared as herself.

Alice’s parents have been happily married for more than 20 years as of 2021. Additionally, the relationship between the two began in 1994 and has lasted more than 27 years. On June 3, 2001, Jeff and Tina exchanged vows in a Greek Orthodox wedding.

Before getting married, the couple reportedly dated for more than seven years, according to People. They apparently met at Second City while they were both students there. They started dating after rapidly becoming friends. Their liaison quickly turned into a committed union.

They attracted a lot of attention to themselves in the beginning of their relationship because of the difference in their heights. Jeff is barely 5 feet, whereas Tina is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Despite their physical disparities, they have successfully combined to form a cute couple. And during the span of their 27-year partnership, their love for one another has only gotten deeper.

You might have seen Tina Fey’s little scar on the left side of her chin and cheek if you’ve been following her for a while. The actress had long since kept the origin of the prominent scar a secret. She didn’t disclose it to Vanity Fair until 2009. Later, she made the admission in her autobiographical book as well.

In her kindergarten spring semester, Tina claimed to the publication that a stranger had slashed her in the face in the alleyway behind her home.

A. Zenobia Alice Richmond Gross Value

Even at the age of 15, Alice Zenobia Richmond is still discovering her love for acting. She has so far only had two minor television appearances, both of which would have been lucrative. However, the amount she received is not made public. Her financial worth has also not been made public.

Her parents are also renowned actresses in the meantime. Alice Zenobia Richmond’s mother, multimillionaire Tina Fey, has a net worth of $75 million. On the other hand, her father, Jeff Richmond, is a millionaire with a $3 million net worth.

In terms of real estate, the husband and wife invested $3.4 million in an Upper West Side apartment in New York City. A co-operative residence in New York cost the couple an astounding $9.508 million in January 2016.

The residence contains three to four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and an approximate square footage of 3,000. The apartment, which is right above the similarly sized unit discussed earlier, is located according to the variety.

She isn’t a Social Media User
In spite of the fact that Alice Richmond, who will turn 16 in September, has not yet shown any interest in social media, A famous child who has already made his acting debut is not typically seen on social media. In reality, her parents don’t share their lives on social media.

Tina Fey Official’s Instagram account has about 48k followers as of 2021. The bio of the account simply states, “I am an actress.” It’s interesting that although though the account was created on January 2, 2014, it doesn’t seem to have been used since then. On the day the account was created, the user, if not Tina herself, shared 13 posts; however, after that time, not a single post has been posted.

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