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Aiden Pleterski | Girlfriend And Relationship

Aiden Pleterski

It’s the self-proclaimed investment of Aiden Pleterski. The youthful investor also started out as an influencer on social media.

The notorious 23-year-old drove a lime green Lamborghini, cruised on a multi-level yacht, and lived a lavish lifestyle.

The self-described “crypto king” of Ontario was accused by hundreds of investors of defrauding them out of millions of dollars.

He pretended to be more educated than he actually was and flaunted his opulent lifestyle on social media as part of his scheme to amass fake money.

Pleterski was recently petitioned by 150 investors. Just a few months prior, he filed for bankruptcy.

Court documents revealed that he had been the target of domestic violence allegations, but those cases were eventually abandoned.

In 2021, the putative partner of Crypto King made allegations of domestic abuse against him. Read on to learn more about Aiden Pleterski’s girlfriend.

Is Aiden Pleterski dating anyone? What is his girlfriend?

The contentious lifestyle of the alleged Crypto King has garnered a lot of media interest.

Because of this, many are also looking for Aiden Pleterski’s girlfriend and dating history.

The crypto king is dating who? Right now, Aiden Pleterski is single.

Nonetheless, he spent over a year dating a female in 2021.

A story by CTV News was based on an affidavit that was filed in Winter Haven, Florida.

The story claims that Aiden Pleterski’s fiancée saw his Instagram material and that he had a verbal fight with her.

In June 2021, allegations of domestic violence were also brought against him.

Similarly, while arriving at a property in Davenport, Florida, which is south of Orlando, Deputy Zachary Eason found several red scratches on the victim’s left arm and collarbone.

Pleterski’s now-ex-girlfriend was the target of deliberate injury, according to Eason’s affidavit: “The suspect yelled at the victim while purposefully grabbing the front of her clothes with both hands.”

As to the affidavit, Pleterski’s former partner made an attempt to go, but he seized her and dragged her away from the front entrance.

The documentation said he stayed still beside the doorway for thirty minutes.

The victim did not feel free to flee at this period, according to the affidavit. Afterwards, the prosecution declared that it would not press charges against the two.

Aiden Pleterski’s Past Relationships

Pleterski, a self-described cryptocurrency investor, is single as of this writing and has no girlfriend.

His past relationships suggest that he may have dated someone in the last several years.

As was previously noted, in 2021, his ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic abuse.

Pleterski is a businessman and bitcoin marketer from Canada. The young kid has been making news since he was a part of a scam involving $29 million.

The majority of the cryptocurrency investor’s allegedly obtained wealth is said to have gone into a private jet, opulent vacations, and a collection of luxury cars.

Details of Aiden Pleterski’s Trending Case

Prominent cryptocurrency trader Aiden Pleterski has gained attention when his father claimed that some of his son’s investors had abducted him in December 2022.

The man revealed it in the documentation that was turned in on March 14, 2023. The first action against Pleterski was filed by one plaintiff, realtor Sacha Amar Dario Singh of Toronto.

From April 2021 to January 2022, Singh invested $4.6 million with Pleterski’s company, AP Private Equity Ltd., following the approval of Judge Phillip Sutherland of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice’s Mareva injunction.

The alleged debt to investors has increased to at least $35 million since then.

According to a fraud recovery lawyer defending 150 investors who paid money to Pletersk, the numbers may perhaps be far higher.

As said, 23-year-old Ontario, Canada native Aiden Pleterski is a self-described cryptocurrency investor and social media star.

Pleterski asserted ownership of AP Private Equity Limited, the company he used to swindle investors out of abroad.

In addition, he declared himself to be the owner of several additional financial firms; however, authorities discovered that his wealth claims were greatly overstated.

Additionally, Pleterski reported his problems to the police in November 2021 after experiencing financial loss due to a downturn in the bitcoin market.

After that, the young cryptocurrency investor said, he tried to get the money back so he could pay back other investors.

He asserted that in spite of this, his losses were increasing over time.

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