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After his wife filed for divorce, Michael Waltrip’s married life came to a grinding halt!

Michael Waltrip

Too quickly and furiously! Michael Waltrip, a professional stock car racer from the United States, owns a sizable race shop and a few Daytona 500 medals. Throughout his 33-year career, he has won 4 NASCAR Cups and an additional 11 NASCAR Xfinity Series championships. Sadly, this victorious man had a failed marriage.

Michael Waltrip- Relationship, Married Life

When Elizabeth Franks’ family, who are also known as Buffy’s family, moved to North Carolina from Michigan in 1992, Michael Curtis Waltrip and he first became acquainted. When they fell in love, Michael Waltrip was still healing from a vehicle accident. On November 27, 1993, they both were married, and on September 29, 1997, their daughter Margaret Carol Waltrip was born.

In 2008, rumors that the couple was getting a divorce started to circulate. Buffy rarely showed up for Waltrip’s NASCAR races, and once she was publicly photographed with another man, many people assumed that she was having an illicit affair. Waltrip and his wife Elizabeth made their divorce public in 2010.

He neglected his wife because he was so committed to the game and to assisting everyone. But he was deeply saddened when he lost both his friend and his teammate Dale Earnhardt in a horrible racing accident. Whenever people questioned him about that critical day, he always cried. Waltrip, on the other hand, failed to get the right assistance for dealing with the stress, which negatively impacted his marriage and resulted in the divorce.

On February 7, 2011, Michael claimed in an interview with ESPN that the chain of events had changed his life:

“No longer do I have a wife. Moreover, I do not reside with my girls. So obviously, a lot has changed for me over the past nine years.”

The book was written by Michael and became a best-seller. That is precisely why he decided to open a book named “In the Blink of an Eye: Dale, Daytona, and the Day that Changed Everything” on all of those topics, which ended up becoming one of the best-sellers in the New York Times.

Additionally, when asked if he will participate in the 2017 Daytona 500 by a fan on Twitter on December 24, 2016, Michael Waltrip answered emphatically “absolutely.”

Michael is currently prepared to travel for the new SRX series in 2021. Micheal is designated as a full-time driver for short-track specialty racing. In 2017, he was last observed on the rails.

There were speculations of a relationship between professional dancer Emma Slater and NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip during Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars. According to Star Magazine’s November 3 issue:

“Emma Slater and Michael Waltrip, partners on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ have developed feelings for one another ever since they were matched in September. Friends claim that the 26-year age difference has never been a problem for the Nascar racer, 51, and blonde beauty, 25, who raised eyebrows when their relationship became public.

Michael Waltrip and his rumored girlfriend have not yet publicly declared their relationship. Additionally, there was previously a rumor that Michael Waltrip was gay, but it finally died down because there was no new information to support the claim.

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