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After Cooper Noriega Passing, Sabrina Quesada Is Frank About Life

Cooper Noriega

Some of Cooper Noriega’s friends have experienced changes in their lives since his passing. When paramedics reportedly failed to revive the TikToker on June 9, 2022, word of his passing quickly spread online.

His friends and other TikTokers posted touching tributes on social media. Sabrina Quesada, Noriega’s ex-girlfriend, was one of them.

Late in 2020, the ex-couple made their relationship announcement, and their admirers shipped them right away. The couple appeared to be still together as they frequently shared loving images and TikTok videos.

Quesada, however, startled her followers by breaking up with them in April 2022.

She said it was a decision they both made and there was no animosity between them. Quesada added that Noriega was her dearest friend and someone she would always cherish.

And she was deeply grieved by Noriega’s passing. She posted an homage to the late TikToker on Instagram, calling him the finest thing that had ever happened to her.

Sabrina Quesada Discusses Life After Cooper Noriega’s Death in an Open Letter

Due to the coincidence of their split and Noriega’s death, some online users, regrettably, held her responsible for his demise.

A small portion of online users believed that the deceased internet star killed himself because he could not manage the breakup.

In the aftermath of her closest friend’s untimely death, Quesada didn’t respond to it and kept quiet, but on July 11, 2022, she spoke out to her followers about what it was like for her behind the scenes.

She admitted that the demands of social media had made it impossible for her to breathe and that it had been heartbreaking to see people exploit Noriega’s death for political gain.

It doesn’t feel real, but I wanted to produce a video for Cooper talking about him. Social media makes things ten times more difficult. I have the impression that everyone is looking at me closely. Quesada remarked, “It’s really strange.

She continued that it was upsetting to see individuals capitalize on the tragedy and pointed out that suddenly, people were pretending to be Noriega’s buddies.

She spent every moment with him for two years, thus Quesada implied that these people were lying because she was well-versed in his life.

Influencers Are Being Pursued by Clout, Says Michael Gruen

In the past, Michael Gruen has accused those in positions of power of using Noriega’s death as leverage, much like Quesada.

He clarified that while people should show respect and convey their condolences to Noreiga’s friends and family, they shouldn’t make claims about being close to the deceased TikToker in order to collect likes on Instagram and sympathy points.

The businessman went on to say that many of Noriega’s “best pals” were lying because they never hung out with him or inquired about his well-being when he was having mental health issues.

And in contrast to these bogus pals, his actual friends supported him, including Anthony Reeves, Josh Richards, and Nessa Barrett.

He revealed that there were times when Jaden Hossler, Richards, and Reeves talked to him for hours on end in an effort to make him feel better. Then, Gruen commanded his so-called “friends” to quit lying and acting pretend.

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