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After 10 Years Of Marriage, Jason Nash And Marney Hochman Split Up

Jason Nash

Prior to their divorce, Jason Nash was married to his ex-wife Marney Hochman for ten years. During their marriage, they gave birth to two amazing children: a son and a girl. Consequently, it is very evident that the partnership failed. Fans of the YouTuber are, however, curious as to what actually transpired.

Although there is no timeline for how the relationship deteriorated to the point of divorce (at least not on the internet), Nash sat down with fellow YouTuber David Dobrik to discuss the final straw, the event that prompted the split.

Do not request Jason Nash to lower the lights

In the February 2021 episode of Nash and Dobrik’s VIEWS podcast, Nash discussed an experience he had with a woman on an airplane. To make a long story short, Nash was playing pool on his phone when the woman seated next to him requested that he decrease the screen’s brightness.

When he later thought on the incident, it was evident that he was still furious, and with good reason. When he recognized that his marriage was hopeless, his wife encouraged him to dial down the brightness on his computer screen.

For what reason did Jason Nash divorce his wife?

In short, Nash was working on his computer at his workplace one day. Consider that the relationship between Nash and his wife was already deteriorating at this time. As usual, he was working in his office when his wife entered to use the elliptical machine.

Due to the shared nature of the building, the exercise equipment was put in the same area as Nash’s office. His wife entered and began exercising. According to Nash, his wife was annoyed that he was at the office.

Multiple Requests from the Former Spouse

When she began exercising, she placed a number of expectations on her ex-husband. Initially, she asked him to turn off the music. She disliked the fact that Nash’s music was clearly slipping into her headphones.

As a result, he agreed softly and turned off the music. Then, she requested that he cease typing so loudly. Nash complied with her request and typed as discretely as possible.

She asked him to turn off the lights, which he did per her request. At this point, Nash was working as silently as possible in the dark. According to Nash, this was the final straw. She requested that he lower the screen’s brightness.

Nash stated,

“I simply walked out, and that was that.”

Nash remarked that he remained silent after that because he did not see the point in starting an argument. Therefore, he eventually addressed his wife and replied, “I’m afraid not. I am simply unable to continue.” Clearly, the wife was angry.

She was in tears. The marriage was consummated nevertheless. Despite their separation, she continues to be featured in Nash’s YouTube videos. He even filmed a video of himself handcuffed to his ex-wife.

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