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Accusations of Sexual Misconduct Against Jim Cornette And His Wife

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette and his wife also happened to be the ones to be called out for purported charges of sexual misconduct when the #Speakout campaign that swept the internet in 2020 included a list of celebrities who were accused of sexual misconduct.

The opposing party was making accusations via Twitter posts, but Jim, a well-known wrestler, kept his own and defended himself.

What is the Net Worth of Jim Cornette?

Along with having a happy personal life, Jim has built a thriving career as a well-known wrestler.

Jim began his career in wrestling at the age of 14, working as a photographer, ring announcer, timekeeper, public relations correspondent, and magazine correspondent, among other jobs.

He worked his way up the wrestling ranks and spent decades contributing to the sport. Jim has reportedly accumulated a remarkable net worth of $5 million because of his successful job, says a source.

Additionally, he owns a large house that his father built on several acres of land between Lexington and Louisville. Along with the mansion, he also makes a sizable amount of money via his YouTube channel, comic books, and podcasts.

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Is Jim Cornette Married? Relationship

On their thirteenth wedding anniversary, October 31, 2020, Jim’s wife posted a sweet photo of herself and her adored spouse kissing on Twitter. In 2007, Jim and Stacey Goff got married after dating for a while.

Jim Cornette
                      Jim and his wife, Stacey, displaying their affection (Source: Twitter)

The reason Stacey is most well-known is because of her work as Batista’s manager during Jim’s OVW promotion a few years back.

The couple is quite outspoken about their relationship and frequently publishes on social media, devoting postings to one another on important occasions.

Jim and Stacey have been married for ten years, but they have never had a child together. Instead, they raise their pet dog Quinnarooni, who just turned 5 years old.

Furthermore, Jim is said to have wed Janice Kelly Crowl for fifteen years before getting hitched to his current spouse. He does not, however, feel like bringing up their past union in public.

Moving past the heartache of a broken first marriage, the host appears content with his wife Stacey based on their social media presence.

But what is the actual truth?

Disputation surrounding Sexual Misconduct

The contentious allegations that Jim and his wife, Stacey Goff, had sexually assaulted Phil Earley first surfaced on Twitter on June 19, 2020, and quickly traveled throughout the internet and into the mainstream media.

Earley further asserted, according to the allegation post, that he was not the only victim of sexual misbehavior but rather a number of them as well.

Stacey allegedly reached him over DM with pornographic images and said Jim was also involved, as the wrestler stated. During the #SpeakOut movement, Jim was accused of doing something, and he responded sarcastically on Twitter.

The screenshots of the chat with Jim and Stacey that Earley also disclosed were those that he claimed to be proof of sexual misbehavior. Jim quickly countered with another tweet, pointing out that the dialogue was untrue.

Jim quickly responded to every accusation leveled against him and his wife, demonstrating his innocence. The claim persisted for some time, but there was never any actual proof to back it up.

Although the scenario may have temporarily affected their personal lives, the couple is now enjoying their thirteenth anniversary and is once again rejoicing in their union.

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