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According To Andrew Tate, Girls With OnlyFans Owe Their Boyfriends

Andrew Tate

The most recent episode of the BFFs podcast, which featured Andrew Tate, was released on July 14, 2022. For those who don’t know, Tate has won four kickboxing world championships. Out of 87 fights throughout his career, he asserts that he has only lost nine.

He went on Big Brother in 2016, but the show fired him after a video of him beating a woman surfaced.

Andrew is a businessman as well as a sports commentator, but in recent years, his provocative ideas and statements have drawn attention.

He incited outrage in 2017 by asserting that individuals were too indolent to make changes in their life and that depression was not a real condition.

Additionally, in a true Tate manner, he continued to make debatable and sexist remarks while appearing on the BFFs podcast.

He began by introducing himself as the person who “conquered the internet,” notwithstanding Dave Portnoy’s observation that he did not use the majority of social media sites.

OnlyFans users owe money to their boyfriend

Before finally addressing the contentious fighter’s “wildly misogynistic” remarks, Portnoy and Tate talked extensively about money and freedom.

Tate made it clear that he was not anti-women but that because of the “truth” he said, he was misunderstood and labeled as sexist.

One of the “truths” he mentioned was that, in the event of a plane disaster, he would pick a guy as the pilot because “men were better under stress and less inclined to get upset.”

The idea that “a woman was going out with a man, she belonged to that man” was another contentious viewpoint.

Because she belonged to him, if the woman did OnlyFans, she owed money to him.

Portnoy challenged Tate’s assertion and asked him to clarify what he meant.

Being a property is not the issue. It has to do with the fact that since they are dating, he is the rightful owner of both her and the private areas of her body. And if she decides to sell them, he has a stake in those body parts, Tate said.

Controversial remarks made by Andrew Tate in the past

Tate vigorously defended his opinions, but the hosts were not persuaded.

And not just the BFFs podcast host disapproved of his opinions and statements. Tate has actually enraged the public with his misogynistic remarks numerous times in the past.

He provoked outrage when he told Twitch star Adin Ross that women weren’t as excellent drivers as men during an interview.

He then added that by emphasizing a “general difference” between men and women, he was being realistic rather than misogynistic.

“I draw attention to the distinctions between men and women. Do I now qualify as a misogynist? You must agree that men and women are separate species. We’re different, I believe. We work in a different way,” Tate remarked.

Then, in 2017, while discussing the charges against Harvey Weinstein, he said that women who had experienced sexual harassment should “carry some blame.”

He mentioned that women had been trading favors for sex and made the implication that not all of Weinstein’s victims had been harmed.

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