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About Vada Wamwene Mescudi – The Daughter Of Scott Ramon Segure Mescudi

Vada Wamwene Mescudi

Vada Wamwene Mescudi is famous as a kid celebrity. Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, a Grammy-winning artist, record producer, and actor, is the father of Kid Cudi. She wishes to be a singer, like her father.

Net worth

We have the net worth of Vada’s father, Kid Cudi, one of the most well-known hip-hop singers and performers, while she has yet to launch her profession.

As of December 2022, his net worth was $16 million. He purchased a 9,000-square-foot mansion in Calabasas, California, for $7.7 million in July 2021.

Shortly after her birth, her parents separated

Vada was born to Kid Cudi and Jacqueline Munyasya, but they divorced shortly after her birth, leading to a protracted custody battle. After years of court battles, Jacqueline was granted sole custody.

Jacqueline, according to a TMZ article, claimed that Cudi only gave “sporadic and inconsistent amounts” of money and accused him of being an absentee parent with aggressive tendencies and an extensive history of drug and alcohol abuse. In the end, they reached a consensus.

Cudi pays child support and has visiting rights. To be closer to his two-year-old daughter Vada, he purchased the property in Chicago.

She desires that her time with her father was not be interrupted

On appearing on the September cover of Esquire, Cudi spoke candidly about Vada’s feelings regarding celebrity.

He remembered a recent trip to Cleveland in which he left Vada in a vehicle while he took photos with two fans in the parking lot, and he inquired as to how she felt when fans approach him on the street.

She stated that she was disappointed because she hoped they were alone when he was present. He then begged his followers to satisfy Vada’s wish and inquired whether they had seen him with his daughter, allowing them to share a father-daughter moment.

He stated,

“This is Vada asking, not me,” and added that he has conflicting feelings about his upcoming tour, as it will be the largest she has ever experienced. He is both afraid and curious to learn what Vada thinks about it.”

Also, Cudi aspires to find love, get married, and have more children. He believes that becoming Vada’s father is the greatest accomplishment of his life, and he desires to expand his family tree.

Around the age of eight, Vada began watching horror movies with her father

Cudi stated that he enjoys watching horror movies with Vada. He went on Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss his film X, where he claimed to be a huge fan of horror films and to have been viewing them since the age of seven.

“Night of the Living Dead” was his first horror film, which was followed by “Evil Dead,” etc. When questioned about his experience, he stated that he had nightmares after witnessing it and that he enjoyed being terrified.

When asked if he let Vada watch horror films, he explained that when he was pregnant with Vada, he considered all the things he might mold her into, thus he allowed her to watch horror films at the age of eight.

“IT” had recently been released in theaters at the time. He added that she was inquisitive and acted as if she were of age to watch anything. He remembered seeing her shock when Pennywise emerged, and she asked,

“Why are they following that clown?” “How come do they follow the balloon? He added that he enjoys watching movies with her due of her remarks.

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