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About Brandi Carlile! Alicia Keys Refers To Her As Her “True Sister”

Brandie Carlile

Alicia Keys and her “real sister,” Brandi Carlile, discussed their connection on the most recent edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Alicia appeared on Carlile’s show as a special guest. The two performers have even cooperated on the Grammy-nominated album A Beautiful Noise. Nevertheless, their bond extends beyond the bounds of the studio.

What Is Brandi Carlile’s Identity?

American singer and music producer Brandi is well-known worldwide.

She has recorded seven studio albums and has been nominated for 18 Grammys. At the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, the singer garnered the most nominations for a female artist.

Brandi’s music encompasses multiple genres, such as rock, country, and folk. The Eye, Every Time I Hear That Song, That Wasn’t Me, and The Joke is some of her most well-known tracks.

In October 2020, she and Alicia published their collaborative album A Beautiful Noise, which is now nominated for Song of the Year at the next Grammys.

Brandi is married to Catherine Shepherd and has two daughters with her.

Alicia Keys refers to Brandi as her “Real Sister”

Both Alicia and Brandi remarked that via their bond, they had discovered true sisters.

Brandi Carlile stated,

“I was just telling everyone earlier that we’ve only been getting to know each other for the past couple of years, but we’ve really become like sisters.”

Alicia said,

“I feel as though I’ve met a true sister in you, Brandi.” Both you and I can phone each other and say “Hey” and we will both show there. It is a really unusual occurrence, so I cherish it.”

Brandi also aired a home video of her two girls performing “Girl on Fire” by Alicia, showing that the singer is a huge fan of theirs.

Viewers Desire That Brandi Receive Her Own Show

As a guest host, Brandi so impressed viewers that they asked her to host her own talk show.

“I often do not watch Ellen when a guest presenter is on,” one user tweeted. However, Brandi Carlile AND Alicia Keys compelled me to pay attention.”

“After hosting Ellen Degeneres’s show today, I feel @brandicarlile needs her own talk show.

If I could, I’d watch it every day. Excellent work, Brandi! Allison Russell, Alicia Keys, and Billie Jean King The show’s greatest episode ever, said another.

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