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A Look Into Caelynn Miller-Keyes And Dean Unglert Relationship

Caelynn Miller

The Bachelor stars Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are soon to be wed. Following their engagement in October during a trip to the Galapagos Islands, the couple started organizing their wedding.

However, they are finally making the information public. During an interview with Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast, Caelynn talked about getting engaged to Dean. She remarked:

“I kept thinking back to the moment I realized he was The One and that we would get married. We just kept talking about it, and I think I was making jokes about it. And I think the more I teased him about it, the more he began to consider getting married.

Caelynn continued by saying that she was unaware of the moment they decided they wanted to get married. The former Bachelor also admitted that she was unsure of the exact day when she and Dean will be engaged and get hitched. She continued by saying she wanted to take it easy and relish the time.

Caelynn also mentioned that she wanted to dress up before becoming engaged, but her buddy convinced her to enjoy the engagement instead. Now that she and Dean are formally engaged, they have begun to prepare for their wedding.

According to Caelynn, Dean and she has reached “the fun fiance” stage and has started looking at venues. The couple plans to get hitched in Aspen, she claimed, adding:

“We’re getting married in Aspen because we want all of our friends to be there. But after that, I pondered, “Bam, maybe here.” And he added, “I have made up my mind,” adding that a person who has made up his mind cannot be reasoned with.

The former contestant of The Bachelor also added:

You don’t realize how many options and modifications there are during the wedding process, so should I just ignore you, I thought. He then said, “I’m not sure.” We’ll just have to wait and see.

Caelynn continued by saying that she had already made a decision on a dress for the engagement party and had started browsing for wedding attire. For her wedding, she stated that she wanted two outfits. “I wasn’t surprised,” Caelynn claimed to be aware of Dean’s impending marriage proposal. Dean and Caelynn got hitched in October 2022. She told Hollywood Life in an interview that Dean’s proposal did not surprise her, but the scene did:

While the location of the engagement surprised me, the engagement itself didn’t.

They dated for almost three years before Dean proposed. On ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise, Dean and Caelynn later began dating. She claimed that she started planning her wedding while they were traveling to the Galapagos:

“I enjoy creating plans. It is my all-time favorite thing in the entire world. I had a lot of free time this week because we had six flights to the Galapagos, so I prepared a lot.

The Bachelor alum claimed to have planned a simple wedding in Italy with Dean with the help of their families, according to Hollywood Life. Now that they have changed their minds, Aspen has been chosen as the ideal place for their wedding.

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