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9 Simple Tattoos By Drake & Their Meanings


The world is familiar with the Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor knew as Drake Graham. He started his acting career in television shows in the 2000s. He left the TV show in 2006 and started looking for a music career.

In addition to his music, Drake has become one of the most well-known superstars because of his body art. Drake has fewer tattoos on his body than other celebrities. The majority of his tattoos, which all have different meanings, are located on his strong, huge arms. To find out more about Drake’s preoccupation with tattoos and their importance, keep reading.

1. The tattoo “Flower and a Bee”

Tattoo: He has a flower and a bee inked on the upper part of his arm.

Meaning: On the top of his arm, Drake has a tattoo of a “pink flower with a bee fertilizing the bloom.” His More Life playlist’s promotional artwork had this tattoo as a part of it. Drake’s tattoo was created by Gothenburg, Sweden’s Niki Norberg.

2. The tattoo “Drakkar Noir Cologne”

Tattoo: He has “Drakkar Noir Cologne” inked on the back of his upper left arm.

Meaning: On the bottom of his upper left arm, close to his flaming skull, Drake got a traditional black Drakkar Noir bottle tattooed. The tattoo was applied to his torso by Swedish tattoo artist Niki Norberg, who had previously tattooed a flower and a bee there. There have been rumors that Drake got this cologne tattoo because he loves French perfume so much or because the name is so similar to his own. He has not yet made a formal declaration.

3. The tattoo “East Side Compass”

He has the phrase “East Side Compass” tattooed on his left arm.

His left arm, next to the Eye of Horus tattoo, bears the East Side Compass tattoo. He was born and reared in Toronto, a city in eastern Canada, which is represented by the east side of the compass.

4. The tattoo “Oktober Lejonhjarta”

He has a tattoo of Oktober Lejonhjarta on his left forearm.

On his left forearm is the Swedish phrase “Oktober Lejonhjarta,” which translates to “October Lionhearted.” As was already mentioned, October has always held a special place in Drake’s heart. Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjarta, twin Swedish models that Drake was spotted with, served as the inspiration for the name Lejonhjarta.

5. The tattoo “Camouflage Shark”

On his right forearm, he has a camouflage shark tattoo.

Drake has a shark tattooed in camouflage ink on his right forearm. The camouflage shark pays homage to one of Rihanna’s dates with the Degrassi actor, who took her to a Toronto aquarium and bought her a shark stuffed toy.

6. The tattoo “Father’s Mugshot”

Tattoo: His upper right arm’s backside bears the ink “Father’s Mugshot.”

Meaning: Drake and his father, Dennis Graham, have never had an easy relationship. Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham, raised him while his father was incarcerated after his parents divorced when he was a young child. The two have reconciled and grown close to one another since that time. On the underside of the top portion of his right arm, he has a tattoo of his father’s mugshot to serve as a constant reminder of the most difficult times of his father’s life.

7. The tattoo “Sade Adu Portrait”

Tattoo: A portrait of Sade Adu with the inscription “With love, Sade” is inked on the left side of the chest.

Meaning: Helen Folasade Adu, also known as Sade Adu, is seen tattooed on the left side of his chest. Drake met Sade while the Nigerian artist was on his European tour and was instantly smitten by his aura.

8. The “BBK” Tattoo

He has the letters BBK tattooed on the left side of his shoulder.

Meaning: Drake had the word BBK tattooed on his shoulder as a tribute to the north London grime crew and record label Boy Better Know as well as the crew’s leader, grime superstar Skepta. The black and grey Gothic types are used for the tattoo. Drake got the initials BBK tattooed on his left front shoulder because of his strong friendship with Skepta and his Boy Better Know clothing line.

9. A tattoo of a jack-o-lantern

Jack-O-Lantern tattoo: He has a Jack-O-Lantern tattoo on his left forearm.

Meaning: For Drake, October has always had special meaning because he was born on October 24 and started the record label October’s Very Own. On his left forearm, he has a tattoo of a Jack-O-Lantern because his birthday is so close to Halloween.

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