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30-Year-Old Army Veteran Found Hanging At His Home: Ben Riches

Ben Riches

Ben Riches Death: Several media sites have taken on the responsibility of spreading the word about the army veteran after releasing the tragic news about him.

People are using search terms like “Ben Riches Death” because everyone was shocked when Ben suddenly passed away, thus they want to know more. Ben’s life and death will be thoroughly examined in this article.

Ben’s corpse was discovered in his room when he was just 30 years old. The whole nation is in grief at the loss of a particular one since he had been a superb servant to his country. His family, as well as the whole nation, will feel his loss.

He was discovered hanging in his chamber, but by the time help arrived, he had already left. Many individuals have expressed their sympathies on social media and wished the family well during these difficult times.

What led to the death of Ben Riches?

Following the devastating news of Ben Riches’ passing, a number of media outlets have stepped forward to help spread the word about the army veteran.

Everyone was shocked by Ben’s death, thus many are searching for information about it using phrases like “Ben Riches Death.” This essay will carefully analyze Ben’s life and death.

Ben Riches was found hanged in his house in April 2019, less than three weeks after being saved from the ocean at Fleetwood Beach during a botched assassination attempt.

Ben had hearing loss as a consequence of these events and was medically released in 2014.

On April 11, 2019, 20 days after being retrieved from the water a second time, he expressed his wish to end his life to friends he had served with in the army through a Whatsapp group.

He was already lifeless when they arrived at his house after calling the police. He was taken to A&E, but attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

The Preston Coroner’s Court inquest, which is expected to take several days, will investigate Ben’s care from the community mental health services.

Ben’s father, Kevin, described to the coroner James

Newman how the ex-serviceman was believed to have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder for years prior to his dying during a pre-inquest assessment in Poulton in October 2019.

On April 15, 2010, he was then sent to Afghanistan as a member of Operation Herrick 12. This assignment was particularly painful for him since some of his friends had died on this journey.

Ben seemed to have been permanently impacted by both trips, and his family worried about his mental health to the MOD.

Ben was medically discharged on June 9 because his hearing didn’t meet the requirements. The next year, Ben was severely burned and left with lasting impairments in his house.

Beginning in 2018, Ben’s mental health seemed to be deteriorating. A mental health expert evaluated him and determined that his self-harming activities were related to his alcohol drinking, leading to multiple occasions when the Police held him under its s136 authority under the Mental Health Act before releasing him.

Ben had many suicide attempts in 2019. Around a month before he went away, Ben told his brother that he “drank to forget” his nightmares from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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